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Do you dream of acquiring an exceptional foal ? Treat yourself to DREAM BOY genetics with the stallion of your choice !

Glock's Dream boy:
- Bronze medal at the World championships for 6 year old dressage horses
- Silver medal in the Small tour at the Dutch Championships(2016)
- World Equestrian Games in Tryon (2018)
- Won in Grand Prix

•GLOCK'S DREAM BOY is an exeptionnal breeder, particulary with
      -  DYNAMIC DREAM : Westphalian studbook champion sold for 1,9M€
      -  KANE : Champion of the 2019 Swedish Warmblood Stallion Testing
      -  JERHONIMUS : Stallion- Young Horse World Championships candidate
      -  MONTE CARLO : Premium Stallion of the 2020 KWPN stallion licensing
      -  JONNY BE GOODE : 7e Young Horse World Championships in Ermelo
      -  IMAGINE : Finalist at the Young Horse World Championships in Ermelo

Z-Resia's Damline:
•WANTED (Full brother of Z-resia) : PSG/Inter 1
•MSJ FUSCIA (Furstenball X Resia) : Oldenburg Premium Foal
•HUMMER : PSG/inter1
•GLADSTONE : Stallion
•KREMLIN MD : KWPN Stallion Show Champion 2018

STALBRINKMAN :“Dam Resia is an elitemare and by the famous Ferro. The damline of Dream Boy produced many successful horses. Kremlin MD, the dressage-champion of the KWPN Stallion Show 2018 descends also from this damline.
”MOUNTH ST JOHN:“Resia joined the MSJ breeding program in 2015. Highlights of Resia include an active and strong hindleg, a willingness to work combined with a great type. These are traits she has passed on to her KWPN licensed son Dream Boy.”

Z-Resia is not only an impressive genetics but it is also a production up to expectations with 2 products including 1 prospect for dressage:
LULLABY DES HAM (Morricone X San Remo)
2 Years old Champion of France
With a Score: 83% Steps: 9/10 Trot: 8.5 / 10
And its 2nd product (L'arc de triomphe) 7 years classified in 130 and ready on 140 before being able to evolve towards the highest level.
Z- Resia soon available for embryo transfer
Indicated in eventing
Z-Resia has the strength, the fast hindquarters and the blood to produce for the high level in dressage. With his reflexes, his warrior mentality, his strength and his blood it is also a superb opportunity to produce in eventig(currently full of Contendro).
So don't hesitate any longer if you want to invest in a foal to do top sport afterwards and / or to have high-end genetics, but above all to live an experience from A to Z ......


Père san remo
Père du père wolkantanz I
p.p.p. weltemeyer
m.p.p. lovely
Mère du père Valente
p.m.p. volturino
m.m.p. Azira
Mère resia
Père de la mère ferro
p.p.m. ulft
m.p.m. brenda
Mère de la Mère iresia
ster pref
p.m.m. Balflug
m.m.m. caresia
pref keur